China Town, Prato!

On Friday, we invaded Prato, Italy. More specifically: China Town.

Lugging our cameras and gear through the busy and hectic streets certainly proved a challenge, but fortunately we were slightly more prepared for chaos from our previous experience of photographing on the beach in the wind.

We broke up into two groups as usual and scouted the neighborhood for anything eye-catching. The results: some amazing photos.

China Town was quite an interesting cultural experience. I was told by my teacher that Prato has one of the largest China Towns in Western Europe. It was quite interesting seeing both Chinese and Italian flags waving from the windows. We as photographers also faced a cultural barrier. Unlike the Italian people, who have been very accepting and encouraging of our producing art, the Chinese people in China Town put up a good fight against us from photographing them or their properties. For example, on member of our group wanted to shoot a table positioned in front of a person’s door in the alleyway. Ashli set up to photograph from the sidewalk, not even on the owners property, but the owner immediately stepped out of her door and refused to let us photograph the table. Like I said, this caught us off guard as all the Italians we have encountered thus far have actually been the ones approaching us to have their portraits taken.

After taking our shots, we found a nice Chinese restaurant down the road. We wined and dined in style as the food was ridiculously cheap (and tasty!). Francesco informed us that Chinese food is one of the cheapest types of food you can find in Italy.

After lunch, we headed back to the villa for a siesta/development session. And keeping with the schedule, we finished in time for another home-made dinner.


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